With Facebook, WhatsApp Outage Taking Users Elsewhere, Telegram, Twitter Face Slowdowns

With Facebook, WhatsApp Outage Taking Users Elsewhere, Telegram, Twitter Face Slowdowns

With Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp facing an outage for several hours, many desperate users took to other messaging and social media apps in order to get their communication across, or to catch up with the happenings of the world (including the outage, of course). WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger users were quick to turn to Telegram in order to not disrupt their communication. Facebook’s alternative Twitter also saw a spike in users during the outage in Facebook services. With more and more people coming on these apps, Telegram and Twitter experienced slowdowns amid the outage.

The Telegram messaging app was reportedly facing issues as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger users went on to Telegram, causing the app to slow down significantly. Telegram was also found to be cheekily tweeting memes around the WhatsApp outage, but was soon facing slowdowns as many people came on the platform while WhatsApp was down. The Telegram official Twitter account even cheekily referred to it as “the great migration from the green app to here” as it explained the issues it was facing. “With all the new folks signing up, things are a little slow – it’s nice to have them, but all at once is a little much. Sorry!,” the app’s official Twitter handle responded to a complaining user.

Later, Telegram said that things are a little unsteady with many people coming on the platform at once. Telegram told The Independent that only a handful of users experienced this issue, which mostly pertained to a slowdown and some notification issues.

Apart from Telegram, Twitter also said that users are facing issues with seeing replies and DMs, but the micro-blogging site fixed the issue soon after detecting it. Twitter said that sometimes more than usual number of people come on to the platform, and while the website is prepared for days like this, things didn’t go as planned. “Some of you may have had an issue seeing replies and DMs as a result. This has been fixed. Sorry about that!,” the Twitter Support handle tweeted couple of hours into the Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram outage.

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