These Three Simple Tips Can Help Women Ensure Good Intimate Health, Read on

These Three Simple Tips Can Help Women Ensure Good Intimate Health, Read on

Feminine hygiene, which means maintaining intimate health, plays a crucial role in keeping the female genitals healthy and infection-free. Unfortunately, even today, women avoid talking about intimate hygiene and hence, are clueless about the appropriate ways to take care. The cultural stigma associated with female genitals is one of the major reasons behind this approach. As a result, due to yeast and bacteria overgrowth which is avoided at an initial stage, women often end up with an infection in their vagina.

Vaginal infections can lead to rashes, foul odour, itchiness, and even a painful burning sensation in some cases. Considering the severity of the issue, it is important to prioritize feminine hygiene, therefore, we bring you some tips –

Use Vaginal Wash

You might not be aware but female genitals are self-cleaning. However, we must focus on keeping the surrounding area, which is known as vulva, clean. It is advised to keep the sulphate-based soaps and washes away as it may result in irritation and dryness. Use a mild, chemical-free intimate wash that will remove the impurities but will not disrupt the natural pH balance of the vagina.

Choose Breathable Garments

To ensure your intimate zones stay clean, avoid wearing tight-fitted undergarments, especially those made from synthetic fibres. These garments trap in heat and moisture, which will eventually lead to bacterial growth. Always choose cotton underwear as it will absorb extra moisture and keep your intimate region dry. After sweaty workout sessions or heavy physical activities, make sure you change your innerwear.

Leafy Vegetable in Your Diet

Our daily diet always plays a vital role in matters concerning our body health. Adding green, leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, probiotics, including homemade curd to your diet will do wonders for your vaginal health. It prevents the growth of infection-causing microorganisms in the vaginal area.

Women are advised to follow a proper hygiene routine, but they should also not fall for products that are laden with harmful substances like sulphates, perfume, and artificial preservatives.

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