Slain Kashmiri Pandit's daughter challenges her father's killers

Slain Kashmiri Pandit’s daughter challenges her father’s killers

On October 5, Tuesday, terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir’s Srinagar fired bullets and killed a well-known Kashmiri Pandit Makhan Lal Bindroo, who ran a pharmacy in the city’s Iqbal Park area. Bindroo was one of the few Pandits who had not left the valley during the violent exodus of Pandits in the wake of Islamist terrorism.

Today, a video has emerged where Makkhan Lal Bindroo’s young daughter Dr Shraddha Bindroo was seen talking to the media. In a brave message to the unknown terrorists who killed her father, the young woman said that stone-pelting and senseless violence is all that the terrorists are capable of.

“I am an associate professor, my brother is a famous diabetologist, my mother runs our shop. Our father had started from nothing, but this is what he has made us. These people (terrorists) can only kill the body, but not the spirit. They are not capable of having meaningful discussions, or a sane debate. Stone-pelting and firing bullets are all they are capable of,” she told in front of the camera.

“You people have killed a body, but you cannot kill my father’s legacy and his spirit. If you think you have guts, come and sit before us and have a discussion. Here I am, my Kashmiri Pandit Hindu father’s Kashmiri Pandit Hindu daughter. Come and face me,” the brave woman challenged.

On October 5, Islamic terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir killed 3 innocent civilians. Apart from Bindroo, a street vendor named Virendra Paswan was killed brutally. Paswan was a pain puri vendor who hailed from Bhagalpur and stayed in the Alamgari Bazar Zadibal area.

The third victim was Mohd Shafi Lone, a resident of Naidkhai who was murdered by terrorists in the Shahgund area of Bandipore in North Kashmir. Lone was the president of the local taxi stand.

Kashmiri Pandit genocide and exodus

The rise of Islamic terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir was marked by the brutal genocide and exodus of Kashmiri Pandit Hindus. Thousands of Hindus were driven away from their native land by Islamic radicals after a spate of murders, kidnappings, rapes and threats. In multiple attacks throughout the region, Hindu families had been brutally massacred and the rest of them were forced to leave, leaving behind their possessions and houses.

Over the years, the few Pandits who had stayed back are being systematically targeted too. Many local politicians have been killed in recent years. Hindu businessmen like the son of the owner of famous Krishna Dhaba, have been the victims of Islamic terrorism in recent months.


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