Sikhs for Justice wants 'farmers' to use "drones-tractors terror" against Yogi

Sikhs for Justice wants ‘farmers’ to use “drones-tractors terror” against Yogi

Following the Lakhimpur Kheri incident that claimed the lives of eight, including three BJP workers, not only opposition parties and anti-India elements are trying to take advantage, terrorist organizations have jumped into milk the incident. On October 4, Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, head of Khalistani terrorist organization Sikhs For Justice, issued a video statement and a letter. Pannu instigated Sikhs to use drones and tractors against Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Minister Ajay Mishra on October 9.

In his statement, Pannu said, “Today four farmers were killed in Lakhimpur, UP. Hundreds of deaths have happened since farmer protests started. The only way out is Khalistan. Kisan Hal Khalistan.” He further added, “On October 9, siege Yogi and Ajay Mishra, whose vehicles were used to kill our brothers. Use drones and tractors. Seige Yogi and Ajay Mishra. Do not pick up arms. But use legal terror. Put them under house arrest. Only Khalistan can solve your problems. If the hundreds of deaths had for freedom, we would have attained freedom by now.”

A letter was issued by Pannu as well in which he announced that SFJ would give $7,500 to the family of each farmer who had died in the Lakhimpur incident.

He also mentioned that October 9 is when Sukha and Jinda were executed after they were found guilty in General AS Vaidya’s assassination case.

Sikhs For Justice and farmer protests

Since farmer protests had started, terrorist organization Sikhs for Justice has been trying to use it to instigate violence in India. Its head Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, a designated Terrorist as per Indian Law, had announced cash rewards for those who would hoist the Khalistani flag on Red Fort on Republic Day. The same had happened on January 26 when a group of protesting ‘farmers’ barged into Red Fort and hoisted two alien flags.

What happened in Lakhimpur Kheri

On October 3, eight people lost their lives, including three BJP members in Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh, after protesting ‘farmers’ turned violent and pelted stones on the BJP convoy. Social media was full of reports that BJP leader Ajay Mishra’s son mowed down farmers. However, more details emerged later that stated Ajay’s son Ashish Mishra was not present on the ground at the time of the incident. Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi left for Lakhimpur on Sunday evening with Deepinder Hooda. They were detained, after which Gandhi misbehaved and threatened the Police officers.

More videos emerged on Sunday and Monday in which protesters were seen attacking the convoy. One video showed farmers threatening a man in a white shirt to say that he was sent by Mishra to kill the farmers. He died soon after. The man was identified as Shyam Sunder Nishad.

Two other BJP workers who died were Shubham Mishra and Hariom Mishra. They went to see the local wrestling match. Shubham’s father said in his complaint that Shubham’s gold chain, mobile and wallet were stolen by the protesters who had killed him. He also named Tajinder Singh Virk of Samajwadi Party and Kisan Union leader one of the foremost perpetrators. The government has announced 45 lakh compensation and a government job to the kin of all who had died in the incident. Notably, nearby areas of Lakhimpur Kheri have been flagged as Khalistan hotspots.


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