Pakistani terror outfits using ‘hybrid terrorists’ for targeted attacks

Pakistani terror outfits using ‘hybrid terrorists’ for targeted attacks

Top government sources on Thursday informed that the Pakistani terror outfits are now using ‘hybrid terrorists’ to disrupt the atmosphere of peace and prosperity in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. These are not full-time terrorists, but people with normal civilian lives who are engaged in specific terror acts.

In a statement to ANI, the government source revealed, “The hybrid terrorists used by these terror groups for these targeted killings are mostly engaged in normal jobs and are used for such killings using small weapons.” The source further informed, “They return to their normal routine after carrying out such acts.” 

Additionally, Vijay Kumar, IGP Kashmir, in a statement to The Times of India said, “These acts are committed by newly recruited terrorists or those about to join terrorist ranks. In some cases, overground workers were directly involved. J&K Police are working hard to identify such part-time or ‘hybrid’ errorists and will take the strictest action against them.”

The statement was given on a day when two non-Muslim teachers were gunned down by the Islamic terrorists in Srinagar after separating them from Muslim teachers in a school.

The source also informed that the number of such youth is quite significant in the valley. The security forces had received inputs of many such youths and their identification is being done rapidly. 

As per the Times of India report, in a revised strategy, ISI-backed terrorist groups are pushing local terror recruits to go after non-local who make for easy targets. 

Union HM chairs high-level meeting

Reportedly, Union Home Minister Amit Shah chaired a high-level meeting with NSA Ajit Doval, heads of CRPF, BSF and intelligence agencies on Thursday to review the security situation in J&K.

Some of the topics believed to have been discussed in the meeting were fine-tuning of current strategies, the need to keep a closer watch on youths prone to radicalization and on the ones who are in touch with terrorists. 

‘Resisting change’

It is said that the terrorist groups have adopted this new strategy to resist any kind of change brought about with the abrogation of Article 270. This includes full integration of J&K with the rest of India, the revival of tourism and emphasis on the development of the region. 

In fact, Pakistan’s new terror outfit ‘The Resistance Front’ (TRF) that took the responsibility for killing a school principal and teacher in a statement claimed that the teachers were targeted because they had urged students to attend the August 15th Independence Day function held in the school.

Calling it a “filthy function”, the Pakistani terror outfit said that despite their warning and threat, these teachers had “harassed and warned the parents with dire consequences if any student didn’t attend the occupier regime’s 15th August filthy function at their school”.

These terrorist groups aim to create an atmosphere of fear and insecurity, especially amongst non-Muslims. Reports suggest that Pakistan-based terror sponsors have been encouraging groups like Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed to step up infiltration into J&K since July. 

Intelligence inputs say that local youths are being readied to carry out attacks on ‘soft’ targets, which may include locals suspected to be working as ‘informers’.

As many as five civilians have been killed by Islamic terrorists in the past three days in Jammu and Kashmir. 

Blogs and posts promote targeted attacks on civilians and non-locals

The aim, objectives and language of the terror groups are in sync with some pro-Pakistan social media users and digital platforms floating online.

A pro-Pakistani blog named ‘Kashmirfight’ in an inflammatory post dated September 24 had recommended strategies to ‘resist the occupier.’ These included:

  1. Targeting every non-local official
  2. Stoning and hurling petrol bombs at informers locations
  3. Non-locals to be targeted irrespective of nature of work 
  4. Not to welcome Kashmiri Pandits
  5. Target head of educational institutions who are hand in glove with occupiers and more
Kashmirfight blog dated September 24, 2021

It is imperative to note that the website has been blocked by the Government of India.

As many as 28 civilians have been gunned down by Islamic terrorists so far this year.


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