Here are 5 Tips to Help You Stay Healthy and Lose Weight During Navratri Fasting

Here are 5 Tips to Help You Stay Healthy and Lose Weight During Navratri Fasting

The festivities of Navratri will kick off today, Thursday, October 7 this year, which means many Hindu devotees will be observing fast for nine days. As devotees observe this long fast it is only natural that they might indulge in some delicious festive food like pooris and fried sabudana tikkis. However, fried food with high calories may not be too healthy to consume for nine consecutive days. Hence it is important that you must maintain a healthy and balanced diet during the upcoming Navratri.

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Navaratri is a time when several devotees pray to Goddess Durga and observe a fast. Besides being of religious significance, the practice of fasting can also help in detoxifying your body and getting it rid of harmful calories.

Here are a few tips you may follow if you wish to keep a healthy fasting routine:

1. If you are consuming your meals only once a day, make sure that the portion size does not double up. Consume a limited amount of food even if it is just one time in a day. Do not overeat since it may contribute to your weight increase.

2. Try to follow a balanced diet instead of consuming fried foods like pooris, tikkis that are high in calories and unhealthy fats. Include fruits, lightly sautéed vegetables and dosas and idlis made out of Kuttu flour. You can also include dry fruits like almonds, cashews, and raisins for snacking.

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3. One of the most essential components of healthy Navratri fasting includes water. Stay hydrated throughout the day to prevent any dehydration.

4. Include fibres in your diet. Instead of consuming foods that are high in starch like potatoes add foods like raw apples, pumpkin, and bottle gourd so that it helps you stay full throughout the day.

5. Besides following a healthy diet, it is also essential that you maintain a definite sleep cycle which gives you ample amount of time to rest.

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