Education Minister says women employees squabble and fight at workplace

Education Minister says women employees squabble and fight at workplace

Rajasthan’s Education Minister Govind Singh Dotasra sparked outrage on Monday with his demeaning remarks against female employees at a women empowerment event. 

While speaking at an International Girl Child Day celebration in Jaipur, Dotasra said, “As the chief of my department, I must say whichever school has more women staffers, squabbles are bound to happen for various reasons.”

“Sometimes I see the school principal taking Saridon (a medicine to cure headache), sometimes the female teachers are fighting amongst themselves to go home early or for transfers,” Dotasra said further mocking women at workplaces.

Dotasra further claimed that the Congress-led Rajasthan government always ensures the security and comfort of women and gives them preferred postings in jobs, “yet they are found fighting.”

“If you (women) correct these small things (mistakes), you will always find yourselves ahead of men,” preached the minister after belittling and trivialising the women workforce.  

In the month of July, the minister was accused of wrongdoing in the selection of his two relatives to the state administrative services.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and his ‘idea of women empowerment’

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also manages to make news every now and then for his ‘idea of women empowerment.’ 

Just last month, Gandhi had stirred controversy when in a bid to compare Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat with MK Gandhi, he had asserted that Gandhi was “always accompanied by two to three women on his side”.

Addressing a meeting organised by the All India Mahila Congress, Rahul Gandhi had said, “When you see (Mahatma) Gandhi’s picture, you’ll see 2-3 women around him. Have you seen a picture of Mohan Bhagwat with any woman? That’s because their organisation suppresses women and our organisation gives them a platform.”


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