'Can Never Talk to Him'

‘Can Never Talk to Him’

Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 11 contestant Sana Makbulin an interview with Siddharth Kannangave an elaborate insight into what went wrong between her and singer Rahul Vaidya, and another contestant on KKK 11. After talking about her plastic surgery and her “low phases” in life, Siddharth puts up the question about the feud between Sana and RKV. Sana, while explaining the issue, called it petty and said that RKV was a “dear friend,” stressing on ‘was.’ She also mentioned that she is not on talking terms with him and looks right through him now.

According to Sana, the start of the fallout was a Twitter battle between fans of RKV and some “XYZ” party, and Sana got caught up in the middle. On one of the photos that Sana shared on social media, comments about the aforesaid feud started pouring in. Sana unknowingly liked the comment, which was unintentional and “wasn’t directed at Rahul.”

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“I like all the comments to make my fans feel heard. Me liking the tweet and retweeting was supposed to mean, ‘Haha, they didn’t think this girl could do it, and she did it,’ said Sana, hinting towards she acing one of the stunts on Khatron Ke Khiladi 11. “This is how it all began,” she added.

Sana also talked about how Rahul’s fans started abusing her, after which Rahul texted to check on her. “He was very sweet. He found about it and messaged me. I told him to ignore it,” she said. Rahul then unfollowed Sana on Instagram 15 days later, on which Sana was baffled and asked Rahul, “Why did you do that?” She told Rahul that he ruined their friendship on such a petty thing. “I don’t know why you’re getting so affected,” she said.

Sana said that she tried having a conversation with Rahul, but realised that if their bond could be reduced to this, then she was better off not engaging with him. She “drew a line” and called his behaviour “petty”. She admitted that they had met after the incident, but that they didn’t really talk. Sana said that she probably “can never” talk to him again and that she is “looking through him”.

Sana and Rahul together appeared on the show Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 11. While the former was placed 7th in the final contestant tally, the latter was placed 6th. Arjun Bijlani was the winner of season 11, with Divyanka Tripathi grabbing the 1st runner-up position.

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