Are The Black Dots on Your Nose Really Blackheads? Check Out What Expert Says

Are The Black Dots on Your Nose Really Blackheads? Check Out What Expert Says

If you are face has small bumps, that are mainly due to clogged hair follicles, especially on and around the nose area, then this article is meant for you. People are used to squeezing whenever they spot tiny black dots on their noses, assuming that they are blackheads. But, can all the black dots on the nose be considered blackheads? Taking into account the fact that people didn’t step out much during the pandemic to visit a dermatologist, social media has come to your rescue. Dermatologist Dr Jushya Bhatia Sarin took to her Instagram handle to share her knowledge about these black dots, which you might often spot on your nose.

In the video, Sarin stated that there are chances the constellation of tiny dots on an individual’s nose might not be blackheads at all, instead, they could more likely be sebaceous filaments that one observes when they look at themselves in the mirror from a very close distance. Referring to them as tube-like structures, the dermatologist further explained that they permit the oil glands to release oil in order to hydrate the skin surface. According to Sarin, due to their black colour, which is because they get oxidized on being exposed to the atmosphere, people often consider them as blackheads.

We all are tempted to squeeze them out, but the dermatologist suggests otherwise. Sarin shared, “It may seem satisfying, but the result won’t last for more than a few days as oil is continuously produced in the oil glands.” Further adding that one cannot get completely rid of them, Sarin suggested some products which can reduce their appearance. The products containing any of the elements, like retinol, alpha hydroxy acid, salicylic acid, sulphur, or oil-absorbing clay will be beneficial.

She also advised people, who are encountering these black spots on their nose, to not use products such as coconut oil, petrolatum jelly, or shea butter as it will intensify their appearances.

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