Akshay Kumar Advised Ayesha Jhulka to Put Soda on Face to Stay Awake

Akshay Kumar Advised Ayesha Jhulka to Put Soda on Face to Stay Awake

Bollywood produced several amazing movies in 1990s. Actress Ayesha Jhulka is known for her performance in many romantic and coming-of-age movies in the 90s era. She is known for her dedication and hard work to give the best in every movie. She has now talked about the time when she was working without taking rest for eight days straight. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar actress has revealed trick to stay awake during night shoot.

Ayesha shared, “I also remember, Chinni ji, Akshay Kumar, whoever was on set used to say drink soda and milk or Thums-up and milk, something like that and you’ll be wide awake for the shooting at night. Or you put soda on your face, let it go into your eyes. This was how they would advise me, my co-stars and choreographers and all. And I used to also follow it genuinely so that I try to stay awake.”

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Ayesha revealed several facets of her life and work during the 90s era while making an appearance on The Kapil Sharma Show (TKSS). She, along with Juhi Chawla and Madhoo, have graced the set of TKSS for the upcoming episode, a new promo tweeted by Sony TV revealed.


During a conversation on the set of TKSS, host Kapil Sharma asked Ayesha about the time when she used to work for eight days straight without rest. The actress was completely surprised how the host had knowledge of this “very specific, and secret” thing. Kapil replied that he researched it for his love for the actress.

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While replying to the questions, Ayesha shared her experience of working in two films simultaneously and traveling to Mumbai’s Chandivali for shooting. “I was shooting for the film Khiladi, in the day, in Natraj Studio, and I had a full night shift in Chandivali for the film Balma. Both the films had Chinni Prakash as choreographers. He was a tough taskmaster. I have worked with him and I was afraid of him,” she said.

During that time, removing and putting makeup used to take 14-15 minutes. To avoid being late on the film set, she used to do her makeup in the car.

She informed that people on the set used to ask her to drink soda and milk or Thumbs-up and milk to remain “wide awake for the shooting at night.” They also advised her to put soda on her face and allow it to go into her eyes.

“And I used to also follow it genuinely so that I try to stay awake. I will never be able to forget those days,” she said.

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